VOLUNTEER at Corpus Christi Comic Con
Volunteer at Corpus Christi Comic Con
**Applications for Corpus Christi Comic Con 2023 have closed.
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Safety Guidelines

If you observe any of the following safety hazards, please bring it to the attention of your team lead immediately!

  • Any form of intimidation, threats, or violence towards others, whether verbal, physical, or electronic.
  • Any form of sexual harassment, including inappropriate or unwanted touching, unwanted sexual language or gestures, covert or inappropriate photography, and inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces.
  • Any form of hate speech, including any slur or remark intended to disparage, intimidate or harm any race, gender, sexual identity, age, race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, physical appearance, veteran status, or interest in any specific fandom.
  • Disruptive, destructive, or unsafe behavior that disturbs or endangers staff, attendees, guests, sponsors, vendors, or venue.
  • Any illegal activity or act.

Alert leads or staff about any hazards that you see!


Rules that apply to ALL volunteers!

Please conduct yourself professionally at all times. (whether at the con, after the con, on social media) As volunteers, wearing that shirt, you are a direct representation of the convention. Please, keep that in mind at all times. Just think of this as a job and act how you would there.

  • If a celebrity asks you to obtain anything illegally, the answer is always NO. If you do it, your shirt will be pulled, you wont get a wrist band and you will be banned from volunteering for the foreseeable future. We have a zero tolerance policy.
  • Volunteers are NEVER allowed to be in celebrity guests’ hotel rooms. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Leaving your team (team jumping) without clearing it through your lead is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Stay out of areas that you’re not authorized to be in.
  • Maintain an appropriate and professional appearance – no cosplay
  • Please, do not cut the sleeves off of your shirt, alter, or wear anything over it. We need to be sure attendees know you are a volunteer. You are welcomed to wear jeans, shorts, yoga pants, etc. Just please dress appropriately. You can wear headbands (cat ears, leggings, etc).
  • If you are off duty or on break, cover up your volunteer shirts in some way, as to not confuse attendees. You can use a hoodie or turn it inside out. Whatever you need to do to not display it while you are off duty.
  • Do not ask a celeb for ANYTHING for free. This includes autographs, photographs, selfies, to sign your shirt, etc.) If a celebrity OFFERS to sign your shirt on Sunday afternoon, you are allowed to accept, but do not ask.
Basic Training and Volunteer Responsibilities

When you arrive on time (or early) to the grounds. . .

  • Go to volunteer HQ’s in the Arena and check in. We will hand you your wrist band and shirt to you there. When your shift is complete you must come back to sign out.
  • Lunch will provided Saturday and Sunday.
  • If any issues arise, please go to your lead. Every volunteer has a team lead to go to. If they can not resolve the issue, then they will contact us. If you cannot find your lead, please go to any other lead or staff member that you find.
  • Be courteous to all guests and attendees
  • We don’t say “I don’t know” If you are unsure of the answer the correct response would be, “I am unsure about that, but let me find out.” No walking away. We have to find an answer.
  • While on duty, please do not have your cell phone out. That makes attendees not want to ask you for help.
  • You are representing C4, we ask that you please be professional.
  • Work your required 12 hours.
  • Follow all stated rules and guidelines set by the C4 staff.
  • Please understand that assignments will change frequently. We will need to place people where we absolutely need them. If there is a change in assignment that you cannot perform, please let us know ASAP!
  • Unfortunately we are unable to allow children to be present while you are volunteering. We want your full attention to our attendees, vendors, and guest.
Volunteer Benefits
  • 1 Custom Volunteer Print (design not for purchase by the public)
  • 1 Free Exclusive Volunteer Shirt
  • 1 wristband that allows access to the event, both days.

Any volunteer who accepts a ticket to the show but does not fulfill the stated commitment to Corpus Christi Comic Con will be responsible for the at-the-door price and will be banned from volunteering at any future shows.