Carlo Barberi

Known For: Marvel Comics | DC Comics | Dark Horse

Carlo Barberi is one of modern comics’ most recognizable artists. His work has spanned almost two decades covering diverse titles for Dc Comics™, Marvel Comics™, Dark Horse and other independently published works of sequential art.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1972, he showed an affinity for drawing at an early age. His passion quickly latched on to comic books, which he quickly took to emulate to develop his skills.

Carlo was hired by DC Comics™ to draw JLA Jr., Superman, Impulse, Batman Orphans, JLU, Outsiders, Blue Bettle, Flash and Batman Brave and the Bold.

Years after his residency at DC, Carlo took over drawing duties for several titles for Marvel, including New Mutants, a mini-series called Ororo: Before the Storm, some pages for an X-Force annual and an Age of X short story in issue one, Spiderman books, Scarlet Spider, Thunderbolts, Amazing X-Men and Amazing Spiderman, and the all-around fan favorite Deadpool, rising in popularity as an artist. Currently, he’s working on the latest run of Spawn!