Henshin Squad Cosplay

Known For: Cosplay
Please welcome the Henshin Squad to Corpus Christi Comic Con!
The Henshin Squad is a Houston-based Production team established in 2018, devoting their time to making live-action content around the tokusatsu genre. Tokusatsu is a Japanese term for a live-action film or television drama similar to television shows like Power Rangers.
They have worked with many trained actors, performers, artists, voice actors, and cosplayers. The leader and owner Ivan Saffold, aka Deka, also works as a costume maker, editor, and prop maker for the team. They are creating two popular series such as The Jammingers (Original Indie Toku Series) and Shattered Connections (A Ranger Fan Series). This squad has the passion and drive to work on things that they enjoy and are fans of.
After hitting 100k subscribers on YouTube, Deka knew he wanted to continue further and pursue full-time. Now with the channel having over 300k subscribers and hitting 124 million views on a single video, the squad is enthusiastic and making plans for future projects!
The Henshin Squad have been guests at several cons and were featured on Buzzfeed! From characters that people may know to ones that they’ve created themselves, they love to bring them to life for everyone to enjoy!
Come see them at Corpus Christi Comic Con this summer at the American Bank Center!