Roberto Rivera

Roberto is a writer, illustrator, and comic book artist. Roberto & Rick, his co-writer & brother, began working on their original comic, Carlos the Kaiju Killer, in 2019. The story merges eastern and Caribbean cultures, with strong ties to native Taino folklore. It features Carlos, a seemingly average man, who comes to the heroic rescue of his city, only to learn he isn’t average at all.
Three years later, Carlos the Kaiju Killer became one of the top-selling indie comics in Austin, and is now in its 5th issue. Roberto continued to create art and, in 2022, he collaborated with Matt Frank and Antarctic Press on Spectreman for Spectreman Heroes, and later on Godzilla Rivals, and Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. He was featured as one of the top 2 artists for Godzilla at Giganticon 2023. Last year, Combustible Monkey Comics released issue 1 of Gold Dragón. Now, work is underway for the highly anticipated title RX: Heal Thyself, coming in March.